Articles - How to choose best ERP for Your Business

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How to choose best ERP for Your Business

The decision of selecting the best ERP software system for your organizations required lots of thing to be considered, whether you are CEO of large organization or the managing director of a small or medium sized business, there should be no margin for errors in choosing over the best ERP software for your organization. The stakes are high and the effect of any wrong decision can be disastrous for overall health of the organization. Hence, be careful while making the ERP software selection.


  • Don’t start with a checklist of every possible standard function - focus on what makes your organization different, and the functions you need to support that.
  • Don't just consider the initial cost of setting up a new ERP system; also think about the potential cost of updating the system.
  • Do consider the functionality you need, not just now but also any functionality you may need in the future - does the ERP system provide it? How easy is it to achieve?
  • Do find out how the system (and the vendor) keeps up with new regulatory requirements?
  • Make sure you understand how easily the system can adapt to changes in your organization i.e. re-organization / restructuring?
  • Ask what level of support and training is available from potential vendors?
  • Do consult existing customers of ERP software vendors.
  • Do ensure that the ERP system is flexible.

  • In today’s competitive marketplace, companies in need of an ERP system must carefully navigate the congested roadway of software and vendor options available. Once implemented, however, the right system can enhance productivity, encourage growth and increase ROI.