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China delegation invites businessmen, artists for trade centre

KOLKATA: A 16-member Chinese delegation, which is on a visit to India, has invited businessmen and artists to be a part of the Dongba International Trade Center coming up in Beijing.

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"India is one of the most important country in Asia for us but Chinese know very little about India. So we are here to invite entrepreneurs and artists to work with us," You Wei, leader of the Chinese delegation, told PTI during a visit to the city.

The Yunnan Cultural Industry Investment Holding also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Centre for Promotion of India-China Cooperation (CPICC) for co-operation in establishing the trade centre and township which will also have an Indian theme among others.

A member of the trade delegation said it would have a 'mini India' with Indian representation both in the field of business as well as culture.

In 2012, bilateral trade between India and China was USD 66 billion, a decline from over the USD 74 billion in 2011. The two countries have set a target of USD 100 billion by 2015 for bilateral trade.

"Our aim is to focus more on building up relationships beginning with an increased communication," Wei said.

Mahesh Saharia, chairman of CPICC, said India needs more partnership with Chinese companies.

"This partnership at the trade centre will help us in connecting with China at multiple levels including in the field of trade and investment, culture, tourism, education, etc," he said.

Besides India, China is looking for markets like Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore and Dubai for partnership in the trade centre.

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